He's a bit of Canadiana for you. For at least a couple of decades Raleigh was making a line of bicycles for the Eatons department stores under the "Glider" brand.  They were typically some variation on on Raleigh's Sports -with Sturmey Archer 3-speed hubs- or their Sprite - a 5 speed with a Huret Allvit rear deraileurs. Some of these were made in Nottingham, England, and some were made at Raleigh's Canadian factory in Waterloo Quebec.

This one, made in Nottingham might be the nicest Eaton's Glider anywhere.  It would be something like the Raleigh Sprite - a derailleur-based 5 speed with 'North Road' bars and 26 x 1 3/8 wheels.  For the Glider line in the 1970s you typically see these distinctive wing-shaped chain guard and chrome fenders (Raleigh's own lines usually matched the fenders to the bike). This particular bike has a stunning root beer brown paint, with subtle amber sparkle accented with a turquoisy blue.

We picked this one up from a collector/tinkerer/flipper south of Woodstock who had a nice collection of early Canadian bikes. We remarked immediately on the paint, which he referred to a "root beer" which is deliciously accurate. Our love of Schwalbe's cream Delta Cruiser tires is no secret, and it seemed obvious that this was a beautiful fit. We've upgraded the wheels to a modern set with alloy rims for improved weight and braking. We've also improved the original Huret system, with a pretty Shimano Golden Arrow rear derailleur, a new Shimano 6 speed freewheel.

We're big fans of the boxy French handlebar bag for a rando and touring bike, but the right choice for and English-style roadster/cruiser is the rear-mounted saddle bag. The Minnehaha canvas and leather bag here feels just right. Wide enough for a 13" Macbook, a raincoat, and a thermos full of hot chocolate.

The bike is currently listed in our in-stock page with additional pictures and specs.

AuthorJason Hallows