After seeing our last post, featuring Faiths custom


, Laura came to us seeking a custom road bike to use as a commuter and eventually move on to longer inter-city rides. During a visit to the workshop she found a good fit in



we had listed last summer. What she was hoping for was flat black and asked whether repainting was an option. For sure. Through the discussion about tape and lug-lining she confesses a passion for purple, and we showed her this fantastic Harley Davidson powder coat called Black Cherry that looks black in most light, or at a distance, but shines iridescent purple in sunlight.

She wanted to name the bike Zoe, and we cut her some flat black stickers for the head tube. We also upgraded the build to include better wheels with beefier tires, Shimano 12 speed Light Action index shifting, aero levers, a black Brooks B17 saddle, a seriously badass black bell, and we hand-dyed some lavender cloth tape to finish it off.