When Doug tells the story of this bike he describes struggling through a blizzard one winter in the mid-late 1970s, and seeing this glowing blue Bridgestone in the window of a local bike shop.  It beckoned to him, as strange as the impulse is to drop a pile of money on a high end road bike in the dead of winter.  He rode it for the next 30+ years occasionally touring Southern Ontario. Now feeling it was time to hang up the drop bars, he came to us with a request to convert the bike to something more friendly to his less cooperative back.

This bike was real pleasure to work on.  The colour is fantastic - a classic French blue with chrome forks and stays. It was in flawless condition and still had all of the original gear: chromo frame, Brooks Professional saddle, alloy rims, high flange hubs, SR Royal seat post and stem, and what is probably the nicest pie plate ever made.  The only change was Doug's sensible addition of plastic fenders (though we'd have gone with hammered alloy). Also notable was the Suntour Cyclone derailleurs matched to Suntour bar-end shifters.  Some have described the Cyclone rear derailleur as "jewel-like" and it surely has that feel: light, elegant, and shifts beautifully.  We set him up with some VO Porteur bars, shellacked cloth grips, and city levers. The bars were able to support his bar-ends keeping this thing (and Doug) on the road without sacrificing ride quality or appearance.