The plans for this custom build began when Allison at DNA approached us during our pop-up in her space for Sweet Magic London.  She was eyeing Heather's white Peugeot and was looking for something to ride both around town and along the country roads where she lives.

After consulting on the specs and settling on a budget, we bought three decent mixte frames before finding this stunning vintage Mercier.  It's got some fantastic lug work, particularly around the seat tube/double top tube cluster, and a rich red paint with cream and chrome accents. We sourced out a really nice vintage French wing-shaped chain guard and a French constructeur style rear rack that curves nicely around the VO hammered fenders.  We even found a vintage pump with a nice La Tricolore motif. We built it up with VO Porteur bars and were able keep the elegant original brake levers and Mafac "Racer" brakes.  We matched the cloth tape to her new honey Brooks B17 Special saddle.  The saddle's hammered copper rivets are also accented by a spiffy Crane copper bell. The retro front and rear lights look like old stock but are modern battery-operated LEDs. We upgraded the textured steel wheels to a new set of alloy 700s and some fat creamy hazelnut coloured tires. Finally, as a personal touch, Dickson cut her a mud flap from leather salvaged from the original Fodemesi shoe store now occupied by DNA. It's an exceptionally pretty bike, one of our best yet.