When I got this frame it wore Gitane team colours and decals, the seller told me that it was actually a repainted Peugeot because of the Nervex Professional lugs. With Nervex lugs and Reynolds tubing my conclusion was that it's a PX-10 (Peugeot's top of the line model at the time), but I'm not 100% sure so I call it the "GX-10".

I stripped the worn Gitane team paint, gave it a new paint job and built it up as my fast-pace long distance tourer. Wheels are vintage Normandy hubs laced to SUN CR-18 touring rims with Schwable Delta Cruiser tires in cream. Brakes are MAFAC Racers and Shimano 600 Aero lever with custom leather hoods. The drivetrain includes a drilled out TA Specialites Cyclotourist crank, Simplex Super LJ derailleurs and Super LJ Retro Friction shifters. A vintage Brooks Professional saddle, TA front rack to hold the Berthoud handlebar bag, hammered Velo Orange fenders and a battery operated lighting system which is a super bright Maglite Mini for the front and a Lezyme Femto rear customized to clamp onto the seat tube.

I love this bike.