We are an owner-operated full service shop.  As riders we have a particular passion for touring - everything from getting out of the city for quick morning trips, to longer unsupported back road camping. As urban cyclists and regular commuters we also have a love of bikes suited for urban transportation.  New and vintage. Casual and sport. 

We are in the middle of the largest bike boom since the 1970s.  More and more people are seeing the benefits of cycling, whether motivated by personal health, concern for the environment, the values of a simpler lifestyle, or just the unique childlike joy of self-propelled movement.  A pro shop with an emphasis on aggressive or competitive cycling can be intimidating to the cyclist just looking for a solution to carry their laptop, or their groceries.  We place a special emphasis on the growing movement of European-styled urban transportation cycling.  We stock a range of upright bars, fenders, racks, baskets and bags.  We like the idea of a bike you can ride in a skirt or a parka.


There isn’t anything in the world quite like the feeling of finding yourself coasting downhill shaded by rustling poplars, with a wide vista of rolling countryside before you.  Pack a lunch, hit the local beachside café, or discover the iron bridge on that back road between here and the lake.  Or perhaps you’d like to push a little harder – an overnighter up at the Pinery, or a 4-day gravel trail into Algonquin.  Set yourself up as comfortably as possible with a handlebar bag, wide tires, fenders, and a good leather saddle.

With brands like Soma, Compass, Sim Works, Nitto, and Velo Orange work closely with our customers to build bikes that suit their needs. Be it a fully loaded touring bike or an ultra lean track bike.

Likewise, re-brazing a frame to take 650b wheels, and 42mm tires, opens up the possibilities for an older road bike. Adding some bosses to carry a load and you've got yourself a touring machine.  Vintage lugged steel is pretty tough to kill, and so many beautiful bikes have several decades left in them with the right kind of love.